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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

Physical medicine examination by a rehab specialist (Compulsory for the drafting
of the customised rehabilitation project)
€ 130
Follow-up specialist medical consultation (within 3 months of the first examination) € 70
Computerised ultrasound scan of the musculoskeletal system € 90
Specialist medical consultation + computerised ultrasound € 180
Robotic evaluation of Motor and Neuro-motor function with the hunova®
High-Technology System ‘Movendo Technology’
€ 100
Digital simplified Gait Analysis € 50
ORTHOPAEDICS: Medical examination and intra-articular injection therapy
Orthopaedic consultation € 130
Intra-articular injection (drug not included) € 50
Injection therapy. Cortisone (per dose) 10.00 €. Hyaluronic Acid: Hyalubrix (3 vials) 160.00 €,
Hymovis (2 vials) 380.00 €
REHAB, Motor and neuro-motor capacity and functional autonomy
Promotion of physical recovery after trauma and surgery. Drafting of customised functional rehab programmes to deal with both chronic and acute orthopaedic,
neurological, lymphatic and ageing motion deficits.
NEUROLOGY: Neurological and cognitive examination and therapies
Neurological consultation € 130
60’ Neuro-cognitive stimulation / psychological support € 100
60’ Speech therapy session € 100
60’ Occupational Therapy € 100
LYMPHOLOGY: Lymphology examination and therapies
Lymphological examination € 130
Therapeutic 60’ “Vodder Original Method” manual compression lymphatic massage € 100
Post-treatment therapeutic multilayer compression bandaging € 50
Customised and assisted therapeutic treatments only
Individual and assisted 30’ physical therapy or neuro-motor rehabilitation session in
thermal water with a physical therapy graduate therapist
€ 55
Individual and assisted 30’ manual physical therapy session € 50
Surcharge for physical therapies with constant operator presence (Laser therapy,
Electrotherapy, Ultrasound therapy, Iontophoresis, Tecar therapy, Kinetec)
€ 12
Physical therapies without constant operator assistance (Magnet therapy, Laser
therapy, Electrotherapy, Bemer therapy, Kinetec) 30’,
€ 50
Individual 30’ hunova® rehabilitation session € 80

Teolo, Italia
Surrounded the Euganean Hills Natural Park, Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel is a 4-stars hotel situated in inside a 20000 square meters wide garden, in a quiet position, 5 minutes by car from the town centre of Abano Terme, and less then 40 minutes from the most beautiful art cities of the Venetian...