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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

General examination (mandatory to know the patient’s medical history and admit them to the treatments) € 70
Follow-up examination and basic medical services € 35
Specialist medical consultation (in order to draft the customised treatment programme) € 130
Follow-up specialist medical consultation (within 3 months of the first examination) € 70
Computerised ultrasound of internal organs or vascular system € 90
Specialist medical consultation + computerised ultrasound € 180
Blood chemistry and lipid profile analysis € 60
Digital metabolic test and direct measurement of oxygen consumption € 50
Digital impedance analysis of body composition € 30
CARDIOLOGY: Check-up, medical assistance and specialist diagnostics
Cardiology consultation € 130
Cardiology consultation + ECG specialist report + Echocardiography € 230
Cardiology consultation + ECG report € 180
Echocardiography € 90
Resting electrocardiogram specialist report € 70
PNEUMOLOGY: Check-up, medical assistance and specialist diagnostics
Pneumological consultation € 130
Pneumological consultation + Spirometry + Walking Test € 230
Pneumological consultation + Spirometry € 180
Spirometry € 70
Walking Test € 90
30’ Diaphragmatic and respiratory training session with a physical rehabilitation therapist € 50
Medical assistance, diet and treatments
Complete specialist nutritional consultation including instructions on the correct calorie
regime during the stay and final instructions for the diet to be followed at home
€ 130
Drafting of a personalised diet based on the general medical examination results € 70
Individual 30’ exercise session (Personal Training or Cardio-Fitness) with a therapist
with a degree in physical education
€ 50
Individual 30’ exercise session in thermal water. € 55
60’ Autogenic training or coaching and psychological support session € 100
Individual card for access to the cardio-fitness circuit 30.00 € per week. € 30
‘Basil Plus’ meal service including: customised menu and calorie intake and correct
distribution of meals to reduce glycaemic loads. per week.
€ 100

Teolo, Italia
Surrounded the Euganean Hills Natural Park, Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel is a 4-stars hotel situated in inside a 20000 square meters wide garden, in a quiet position, 5 minutes by car from the town centre of Abano Terme, and less then 40 minutes from the most beautiful art cities of the Venetian...