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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

The precious black mud, called Fango Liman, is born from the microorganisms and sediments that settle and concentrate on the bottom of the salt collection basins in Cervia. Comparable in composition and effectiveness to that of the Dead Sea, it is an exclusive of the Cervia plant. An organic, living material that is left to mature for years in hyperthermal water.
Properly filtered, it has a beneficial effect for arthrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism and for aesthetic and dermatological problems. In particular, a recent study highlighted the role of mud bath therapy in contrasting psoriasis.
On the top floor of the establishment there are open-air solariums, overlooking the vast millenary pine forest that embraces the Terme di Cervia.

Here the mud-bath therapy is carried out according to the "traditional method of Cervia", refined by decades of practice. After being sprinkled with thermal mud, patients move freely in one of the two distinct areas for men and women, drying themselves under the beneficial rays of the sun (heliotherapy). The irradiation is retained and filtered by the thin black layer of the Fango Liman. After the shower, they immerse themselves in a bath for balneotherapy with salsobromoiodic mother water.

Cervia, Italia
Immersed in the greenery of a millenary pine forest and a few steps from the sea of the Romagna Riviera, the Terme di Cervia are the ideal place to experience the beneficial action of nature, thanks to the properties of Mother Water and Liman Mud. These precious gifts from the nearby salt pans make...