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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

An elixir of well-being and health. Salsobromoiodic and hypertonic, Mother Water is rich in precious "ingredients" ithat make it antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, draining, stimulator of the immune system: sodium, calcium, chlorides, magnesium, potassium, boron, lithium, selenium, bromine, iodine. It also contains Dunaliella seaweed, with anti-aging and antioxidant virtues, very rich in beta-carotene and an excellent protective factor for the skin during sun exposure.
Its therapeutic virtues can be experienced in the large indoor thermal pool or in one of the adjoining pools, such as the one for rehabilitation or for the vascular path, or in reserved environments in single pools.

Cervia, Italia
Immersed in the greenery of a millenary pine forest and a few steps from the sea of the Romagna Riviera, the Terme di Cervia are the ideal place to experience the beneficial action of nature, thanks to the properties of Mother Water and Liman Mud. These precious gifts from the nearby salt pans make...