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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

Give health and well-being to those you love. The integrated specialist center of the Terme di Castrocaro is increasingly the center of your health.

We have offered unique gifts that are good for the people you care for this year.

Choose a unique, original, but above all precious gift and surprise friends and relatives.
A new gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, unforgettable moments, or to show your love: take care of your loved ones and promote their health.

It encourages prevention, self-care, the adoption of healthy habits, and a correct lifestyle.

Give a medical check-up, a preventive check-up, spa treatments, a screening, a diagnostic exam, or a specialist service.

Choose a good gift for your health, and you will wish a good life to those you love!

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Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole, Italia
Kept for over 7 million years in the heart of the hills of Castrocaro, the sulfurous and salsobromoiodic waters of the Terme di Castrocaro come from the Beatrice and Bolga springs, surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Rich in mineral salts, bromine, iodine,...