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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

Terme di Torre Canne srl


Fasano, Italia

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Terme di Torre Canne are located in Apulia, in Fasano, a few steps from the beautiful white cities of the Valle D'Itria (Locorotondo, Ostuni and Martina Franca about 25 km away). The stays allow you to enjoy landscapes of indisputable beauty, between sea and countryside: 30 km from the trulli of Alberobello; 40 km from the Caves of Castellaneta and Putignano. Just 15 km from the Zoo Safari of Fasano. Adjacent to the spa, the Granserena, a 4-star hotel directly on a wide beach in the Adriatic Sea.
For more than a hundred years the thermal springs of Torre Canne have been known for their therapeutic properties.
There are 11 thermal springs which bring subterranean waters to the surface. Two of these are of particular interest for their physical-chemical properties and their therapeutic benefits - spring number 11, "Torricella" and number 3, "Antesana". The waters of the Antesana and Torricella springs are cold and, because of the higher concentrations of dissolved salts, are defined as being "Chloride-Sulphate-Sodium mineral waters with a low bromide content" (Bromide-Sulphate-Salts according to Marotta and Sica). The chemical and physical-chemical characteristics give the water anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxant, immunostimulating, mucolytic, decongestant, eutrophic, keratoplastic, metabolic and relaxing properties.
In the exit channels and the lakes originating from the springs is a muddy deposit, which has been laid down over thousands of years. Thanks to the thermal waters it is produced from, this natural mud has genuine therapeutic properties.
The Torre Canne muds are therefore "natural pastes", which undergo a very long, slow process of "maturation" in the natural lake formed by the emergence of the spring waters.
Regular visitors of our spa have a long-lasting improvement of their well-being throughout the winter months.
Le Terme di Torre Canne offers treatments for the respiratory tract and the ear (aerosols, endotympanic insufflations, crenotherapy politzer), for rheumatic and orthopedic diseases (mud-bathingtherapy), for vascular diseases (walkway), physiotherapy and rehabilitation, beauty treatments "Beauty & Wellness”.