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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

Terme di Tabiano


Salsomaggiore Terme, Italia

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TERME DI TABIANO - Respighi Thermal Establishment
Recognized among the best in Europe for its sulphurous waters, the Thermae of Tabiano, spa for breath, boasts a proven effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of respiratory disorders and diseases of bronchi, ear, nose, throat and skin. From the specific properties and benefits of sulphurous water, Terme di Tabiano were the first to develop a line of products that are indicated in the home treatment of the respiratory tract with thermal water. Acqua di Tabiano and NasoClean are the well known brands distributed throughout all Italy.

The thermal waters of Tabiano are indicated for:

RESPIRATORY PATHOLOGY: Chronic Bronchitis - COPD - Chronic rhinosinusitic-bronchial syndromes - bronchiectasis. Simple chronic bronchitis or accompanied by an obstructive component
CURE CYCLE: 24 inhalations or Integrated cycle of pulmonary ventilation (includes 18 inhalation treatments + 12 ventilations

O.R.L. (E.N.T.) PATHOLOGY: Vasomotor rhinopathy -
Allergic rhinitis - Catarrhal chronic rhinitis - Chronic purulent rhinitis - Chronic pharyngolaryngitis - Chronic sinusitis - Allergic sinusitis - Rhinosinusitis - Recurrent chronic sinusitis - Polysinusitis. Tubal stenosis - Chronic catarrhal otitis - Serous otitis. Chronic purulent otitis not cholesteatomatous – Rhinogenous hypoacusia
CURE CYCLE: 24 inhalations or Cycle for rhinogenous deafness (includes specialist examination + audiometric examination + 12 endotympanic insufflations + 12 inhalation treatments)

DERMATOLOGIC PATHOLOGY: Psoriasis (excluding the pustular erythrodermic form). Eczema - Atopic dermatitis (excluding exudative forms) - recurrent seborrheic dermatitis
CURE CYCLE: 12 baths