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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

Acque Albule SpA


Tivoli, Italia

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Terme di Roma is a spa resort, owned and managed by Acque Albule S.p.A., and situated in the eastern part of Rome. The structure exploits the waters from the carbonic-sulphurous springs Acque Albule, so called since ancient times, due to their whitish colour. They flow from lakes Regina and Colonnelle and reach the thermal baths in the amount of 3,000 liters per second, which maintain a temperature of 23° C all year long. The Acque Albule springs have been exploited since Roman times and, during the centuries, many roman emperors received benefits from this sulphurous water. The site has been improved and upgraded during the Renaissance, when the channelling has been constructed. Since 2001 the resort is how it appears today: an elegant set of buildings, few kilometres away from the centre of Rome and close to the beautiful roman Villas of Tivoli. We now know that sulphur is a powerful natural antibacterial ingredient with major anti-inflammatory effects. Benefiting from these springs, the spa offers numerous thermal treatments for the cure or prevention of diseases, and also hosts a wellness centre for relaxing treatments. Last but not least, there is a huge outdoor Pool Park, that consists of four outdoor sulphurous water pools for recreation.