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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

Terme di Sirmione S.p.A.


Sirmione, Italia

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Terme di Sirmione is one of the most important thermal companies in Italy, operating on 4 Business Units: hospitality, health, wellness and products. It owns 4 hotels, a 5 star Grand hotel Terme, two 4 stars Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi and Hotel Acquaviva del Garda and a 3 star Hotel Fonte Boiola., a thermal medical center Terme Virgilio, a daily spa Aquaria Thermal SPA, an ecommerce and flagship stores located in Sirmione, Brescia and Milan. The uniqueness of Terme di Sirmione can be found in its Thermal water, a sulphurous water with bromine and iodine salts, which spring was firstly discovered in 1889 by a diver named Procopius. Our company mission highly involves our clients, their wellbeing and health towards continue innovation and service improvement.