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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

IHC- Italian Hospitality collection SpA- Bagni di Pisa

North Tuscany

San Giuliano Terme, Italia
For centuries, the thermal waters flowing from the depths of San Giuliano Terme have been appreciated for their healing properties. As a favourite of the Etruscans and the Romans, as well as the Medici family, the hot springs of Pisa rose to fame in 1743 when the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francis Stephen of Lorraine, decided to build his summer spa residence here.

Over the years, Bagni di Pisa has regained it glamour and splendour, due to a series of renovations and restorations that brought new life to architecture, frescoes, vaults and marbles, which make up an integral part of our wellness treatments. Refurbishments were carried out on the the Levante Hot Springs, which now offer traditional and innovative treatments using thermal waters.

Today, Bagni di Pisa is a splendid 5 start spa resort in Tuscany, where you can enjoy a refreshing variety of thermal spa services, as well as health and weight-loss programs, relaxation therapies and beauty treatments. Our traditional thermal therapies feature mud and inhalation techniques for both adults and children, and are combined with thermal cosmology, aesthetic medicine treatments, eastern medicine, fitness and massage therapy, as well as weight-loss and detox programs, to implement a healthier lifestyle for you.

At Bagni di Pisa we have perfected the ancient art of Salus per Aquam, which means healing through water, and offer the perfect experience for you to refresh your mind, body and soul.