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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

Bagni di Casciana Srl

North Tuscany

Casciana Terme Lari, Italia
The spa dates back to Roman times but it was Matilda of Canossa, Countess of Tuscany, who developed it.
As the romantic legend goes, the Countess’s old and shrivelled blackbird felt better after bathing in a hot water pond here, and this is how Matilda of Canossa discovered the benefits of the hot springs of Casciana and thus began the use of the waters, the building of facilities and the creation of a beautiful spa. Since then, throughout the centuries, the spa has always been a favourite destination for the many guests who came here to stay and benefit from the properties of the waters.
Nowadays, because of its geographical location, close to the most famous art capitals of Tuscany, such as Pisa, Florence and Lucca, it is the ideal starting place for visits and trips, maybe taking in a sampling of the local wines and foods on the way.
Thermal water, a true prodigy of nature, exerts an action as well as therapeutic, even strongly relaxing. The natural color that can be particularly appreciated by immersing oneself in the thermal pools, together with the execution of face and body treatments, make one’s psychophysical equilibrium be found even in a short stay.
The hot springs of Casciana are known as Acqua Mathelda and have a constant temperature of 35.7°C.;they contain bicarbonate, sulphate and calcium, where the natural mineral salts are mixed together in unprecedented ways that make them extremely effective.
Used since time immemorial to treat arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica, over the years its applications have expanded to include the latest rehabilitation therapies and the treatment of vein, skin and respiratory conditions.
Over the centuries, the fame of Casciana has spread far and wide because of the beneficial properties of the Mathelda water that could, it was said, even rejuvenate those who bathed in it.
Nowadays, there is scientific evidence that its astonishing blend of natural ingredients can regenerate, reawaken and rehabilitate.
It is on these grounds that a partnership between the Casciana Spa’s professional staff and the biologists of Barbara Stein, a company specialising in the production of professional cosmetics since 1948, created the new Aqua Matleda line of cosmetics, where the main ingredient is thermal water from Casciana, after which it has been named.