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Italian Thermae, the Grand Tour 2023

Acqua & Terme Fiuggi SpA


Fiuggi, Italia

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Fiuggi, queen of the thermal towns, has been known since the Middle Ages for its low mineralized water. Famous people such as Pope Boniface VIII, who called it "the water of well-being", and such as Michelangelo, who wrote to his nephew Leonardo "the water that breaks the stone, whose effects are miraculous", benefited greatly.
Fiuggi awaits you for a regenerating stay at the historic Boniface VIII and Anticolana thermal parks, oasis of peace, surrounded by the greenery of its chestnut groves, far less than an hour from Rome. You can relax, access to the Hydropinic Treatment, assisted by our medical staff, drinking Fiuggi mineral water daily, or taking advantage of additional services, such as inhalation treatments or beauty treatments. Fiuggi is the source for your daily well-being.